It's a fact that you need 3 things to start a fire


1) FUEL - something for the fire to burn.

2) AIR - a fire needs oxygen otherwise it will go out.

3) A SPARK - a source of ignition to set it off.

A kitchen extract system has all three! You cannot remove AIR as the fan must be on. You cannot remove the SPARK because of the cooking equipment below. The ONLY thing that can be removed is the FUEL, which is the grease. 


It is vital that grease and oil deposits are removed from within the extract system as these deposits can form a hidden combustion load which may result in a major fire.
These fires can spread rapidly through the whole system causing considerable damage along the way if not cleaned on a regular basis. Clear Duct have the knowledge and experience to reduce these fire risks from within your building. All our work is carried out in accordance with B&ES (Building & Engineering Services Association) TR19 Guidelines.

Discounts are available for multiple sites or group contracts.
We understand your business and have a flexible approach towards this. We work around the clock to ensure there is no disruption to your normal working hours. Please get in touch if you would like a free survey or if you have any questions regarding your responsibility as a building manager.

A cleaning certificate and before-and-after photos will be issued to you once the work is complete to verify that the system is safe and work has been carried out to the industry standard, TR19. These documents may be requested by your insurance company at some stage to prove you have complied with the terms within the policy or the industry guidelines.

Benefits of Cleaning

  • Reduce the risk of fires
  • Improved working environment for kitchen staff
  • Improved ventilation for smoke and odours
  • More efficient system, longevity and mechanical parts
  • Compliance with current fire, health and safety codes
  • Lower insurance premiums

Kitchen Hygiene

  • Full kitchen clean (equipment and structure)
  • Cooking equipment
  • Structure only

Extraction Hygiene /
Fire Safety

  • Full grease extract system cleaning
  • Supply and fit of quick release access doors
  • Post clean report provided upon completion of works